Company Profile for Talosia Design Limited
Designing the future of fashion

about The brand Talosia Design was formed in February 2011 by Talosia Saulo Haulangi and his life partner James Alexander Laverty. Together they combined their ideas and passion with their unique designs and fashion styling, and this was the start of building the company. Realising that they both have unique qualities from their previous creative careers they could build an iconic New Zealand brand. They both have so much to offer to this industry, James and Talosia impassioned them-selves to succeed in a fast moving industry and believe in taking their fashion to all of New Zealand and around the world.

Talosia Saulo Haulangi was born in Tuvalu (Nanumea) and settled in Auckland, New Zealand at 14 years old, along with his Mother, Father and two sisters. His creative flair initially led him to drama school in Whangarei, and this changed focus when he first started his career in Fashion Design in 2000 at the New Zealand Institute of Fashion Technology. In 2006, Talosia completed his Certificate in Small Business Management at Te Wananga o Aotearoa, and returned to the NZIFT to complete his Diploma in Fashion Design. Since completing his Qualifications, he has a long history of employment with top fashion stylists and designers in New Zealand, such as Max Fashion, DJ Station, Zambesi and Marilyn Sainty. Talosia is well known in the Auckland community for being outgoing, outrageous, and chiq. He has had in-depth involvement with stage, theatre and costume design. With always wanting to be an industry leader in fashion and having a natural penchant for client satisfaction, it was only natural that progressing into his own line of clothing would be the next step in his career direction and achieving his lifetime dream of owning his own brand.

James Laverty is originally from Northern Ireland (Ballymoney), moving to New Zealand in 1999. Settling in Wellington, he got his first job as a Host at the Te Papa museum. Following this, he has had several jobs in the hospitality industry. In 2004 James identified an opportunity for career advancement and decided that he needed to use the creative side of his life. And he found this passion outlet at the Chocolate Cake Company. Initially the shop was struggling and had no brand identity to the organisation, but within a year, James had the shop to record sales each week. Along with winning Mr Gay Wellington 2005, designs and jobs for and extensive list of celebrities such as Sir Ian Mckellen, and politicians like Helen Clark, and many more; he got the ball rolling with creating an identity not only for the shop, but also for himself – and the two became synonymous. Being in such demand due to exposure from Fairfax Media, local and national media, the wait time to have James personally involved in a design would exceed 6months.

Being so involved in his local community and having been given and achieving so many opportunities in his life, James has always felt it best to always be able to give back. In 2007, with the support of his employer, James volunteered for 6 weeks to fly to Kenya to carry out a life dream and continues to this day to give much to his community.

Moving to Auckland in 2009 to re-launch the Auckland CBD store in Elliot Street Stables, James went on again successfully for 3 more years in forward thinking design, and the leader in the creative hospitality industry. With his creative background, James decided to combine his business and marketing skills, focus and passion along with Talosia’s drive and creative design in the fashion industry and together they will design the future of fashion.