Designer Pattern Maker & Consultation

Need help with design, style or a pattern maker for a season or by the hour it’s the most cost effective way for any business this service will be the best way for your business to keep costs low and get the same results outsourcing is the only way to keep costs down and get good high end results. Talosia also specialises in alterations, large or small.

Custom Design

Have you ever looked around while shopping and thought that everything is the same? Every design looks like it is cut from the same pattern to some varying degree? Do you think you could have some involvement in designing what you wear? Well now is your chance!

With Talosia Design, we can help you create something that is uniquely you, for any and every occasion. From a glam, elegant event, to costume or theatre design, the options are limitless when it comes to options of additions to your wardrobe.

Talosia Haulangi has had many years of experience with designing within standards and guidelines for his clients, and never fails to meet and exceed expectations. His knowledge is extensive regarding fashion trends, to cover areas of theatre and drama, to the corporate and even casual garments. For Talosia, this is an industry that he has a significant amount of passion and drive for, and loves to give that unique personalized experience you should expect of any fashion designer.

Whether it is a wardrobe makeover, to some simple fashion advice, pattern making, designing or styling then Talosia has a wide skill-base to draw from in assisting you with your needs.

To enquire more on these services and costs please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it